• Big Jobs Demand Big Talent

    Precast parking facilities offer an advantage over conventional concrete structures. They’re built for durability and low maintenance. However, precast garages are only as good as the contractors hired to waterproof them.

    That’s why so many garage owners, property managers and developers turn to us. They know that we’ll provide high-quality waterproofing services at fair prices. They know that we’ll maximize the precast advantage.

  • Moving Traffic

    Missed deadlines. Schedule delays. Downtime. They mean the same thing to parking garage owners, managers, and engineers — loss of income and inconvenience to tenants and customers.

    No one appreciates this more than us.

    With a 100-percent track record for providing the highest quality in
    waterproofing services — while meeting or exceeding your schedules —
    we keep traffic moving.

  • The Art of Restoration

    In the 1950s, the National Grange moved its headquarters to historic Lafayette Square, one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the country. Given the neighborhood’s prominent place in American history, the Grange understood that it couldn’t entrust the cleaning and restoration of its building to just anyone. The job required a craftsman, a contractor skilled at the art of restoration.

    We are proud to say that America’s first farm fraternity
    entrusted that project to us.

  • A Roof with a View

    Your rooftop needn’t be an afterthought. Today, property owners and managers are transforming their building rooftops into spectacular living spaces to enhance property values and provide tenants with an outdoor, environmentally friendly retreat.

    Finding the best contractor to perform this exacting work shouldn’t be left to chance. Discerning property owners choose us their high-end roofing needs.

    They know from experience that our philosophy of combining state-of-the-art roofing techniques with a commitment to open and honest customer relations results in a rooftop deserving of a view.

Consolidated Waterproofing Contractors

10732 Hanna Street
Beltsville, Maryland

Since our start in 1994, we’ve based our business on the time-honored tradition of building a relationship with our customers — a relationship based on mutual trust, honest dealing, and a commitment to providing the highest quality in waterproofing, masonry-restoration, and commercial roofing services.

Our single-minded focus on customer service and quality craftsmanship has paid dividends to our customers and to us. We’ve had the unique privilege of working on some of the most prestigious commercial properties in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

We are honored that our customers would entrust their properties to us, and though we take pride in the large jobs we do, we’re just as committed to the smaller ones. No job is too big or too small for our team of more than 200 highly trained field technicians.